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The Pirate Isles

PirateAt the beginning of my current campaign, I polled my players and asked them what they would like out of the upcoming adventure. One of my players said that he wan...

Deity: Corsair, The Pirate God

DeityNames Corsair, The Pirate God, Lord of the Pirate Isles, The Holy Captain, The Seldarine Bastard, The Lawful Pirate.

Grave of Calico Jim

PirateThe Grave of Calico Jim is where the (decently famous) Calico Jim left all of his treasures shortly before he was caught and executed.

The Treasure of Jolly Rodger

PirateHook: There's no mistaking where the old map of Jolly Rodger has led you; to the dead shores of Fogholme you go! But Jolly Rodger is not going to give up his boot...

I made a list of every profession I could think of in Dungeons & Dragons

ProfessionsI couldn't find many good lists of DnD professions online, besides the typical "Player Background" ones, so I decided to have something ready as an reference for...

Vault of Malice

DungeonThis is a dungeon that I built with the help of The Gollicking. Specifically, u/Mimir-Ion and u/M0rdenkainen. They really helped me reach deep inside myself to fi...