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15 Simple Riddles to use in your campaign

RiddleI wrote these riddles because I didn't want my players to have any chance of googling the answer, and they were also tailored for some encounters in my campaign.

Massive DM's toolkit

ToolkitThought I'd share all of my bookmarks I've saved for DMing, that I've been collecting for a year now. This all exists on a Google Document...

Grave of Calico Jim

PirateThe Grave of Calico Jim is where the (decently famous) Calico Jim left all of his treasures shortly before he was caught and executed.

Curwen Crypt pt 1

DungeonIn my setting where magic has been strongly defined and institutionalized, I wanted to introduce a bit of “horrible mystery” for my players. I drew my greatest in...

50 Weird & Wonderful Taverns

TavernI created these 50 taverns with a short description, hopefully to light a little spark in your imagination, be it for a quest or just a little thing to plop on th...

Be our Guest, Be our Guest

NPCD&D 5e has many background options that allow for weary heroes to find rest and respite among locals in whatever city or village they may find themselves in.

138 Encounters and Hooks for towns and cities

EncounterAn assortment of 138 encounters for towns and cities that I've either thought up for my campaign or have seen here. I'd give credit to those encounters that I did...

The Pirate Isles

PirateAt the beginning of my current campaign, I polled my players and asked them what they would like out of the upcoming adventure. One of my players said that he wan...